Nuclear Structure in China 2012 by Jie Meng,Cai-Wan Shen,En-Guang Zhao,Shan-Gui Zhou PDF

By Jie Meng,Cai-Wan Shen,En-Guang Zhao,Shan-Gui Zhou

ISBN-10: 9814447471

ISBN-13: 9789814447478

This quantity is a suite of the contributions to the 14th nationwide convention on Nuclear constitution in China (NSC2012). It offers an incredible up-to-date source within the nuclear physics literature for researchers and graduate scholars learning nuclear constitution and comparable issues. fresh development made within the learn of nuclear spectroscopy of high-spin states, nuclear mass and half-life, nuclear astrophysics, super-heavy nuclei, volatile nuclei, density practical conception, neutron celebrity and symmetry power, nuclear subject, and nuclear shell version are covered.


  • Tensor results at the Spin-Dependent Charge-Exchange Transitions (C L Bai et al.)
  • Recent growth at the decision of the Symmetry power (L W Chen)
  • Masses and Magnetic Moments of Ground-State Baryons in Covariant Baryon Chiral Perturbation concept (L S Geng et al.)
  • Symmetry power, Superheavy Nuclei and Hyperonization of uneven topic (W Z Jiang)
  • Fine constitution of Spin-Dipole Excitations: a up to date program of Covariant Density practical thought (H Z Liang et al.)
  • Octet-Baryon plenty in Finite house (X L Ren et al.)
  • Fusion Mechanism and creation go Sections for Superheavy Nuclei (N Wang et al.)
  • Constraints on Neutron Density and Temperature stipulations for Astrophysical r-Process from up to date Nuclear plenty (X D Xu et al.)
  • Ground country houses of Ds Isotopes in the Relativistic suggest box idea (H F Zhang and H F Zhang)
  • Effect of Hyperons and Kaons on Nuclear constitution (X R Zhou and H-J Schulze)
  • and different papers

Readership: Researchers, pros, and graduate scholars learning nuclear constitution and similar topics.

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